staining easily

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  • chromophilous — chro·moph·i·lous (kro mofґĭ ləs) chromophilic …   Medical dictionary

  • chromophilous —   a. Chemistry, readily staining.    ♦ chromophobe, a. staining only slightly …   Dictionary of difficult words

  • chromophilous bodies — Nissl b s …   Medical dictionary

  • chromophilic, chromophilous — Staining readily; denoting certain cells and histologic structures. SYN: chromatophil (1), chromatophilic, chromatophilous, chromophil (1), chromophile …   Medical dictionary

  • -phil- — Suffixes with the common part phil ( phile, philia, philic) are used to specify some kind of attraction or affinity to something, in particular the love or obsession with something. They are antonymic to suffixes phob . Phil (Philo ) may also be… …   Wikipedia

  • chromophil — /kroh meuh fil/, Histol. adj. 1. Also, chromophilic, chromophilous /kroh mof euh leuhs/, chromatophilic, chromatophilous. staining readily. n. 2. a chromophil cell, tissue, or substance. Also, chromophile /kroh meuh fuyl , fil/, chromatophil,… …   Universalium

  • Nissl bodies — nis əl n pl discrete granular bodies of variable size that occur in the cell body and dendrites but not the axon of neurons, are composed of RNA and polyribosomes, are stained with basic dyes (as methylene blue), and give a striped appearance to… …   Medical dictionary

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