shaped like an oval or a vulva

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  • Vulviform — Vul vi*form, a. [L. vulva, volva, a wrapper + form.] (Bot.) Like a cleft with projecting edges. [1913 Webster] …   The Collaborative International Dictionary of English

  • vulviform — [vul′və fôrm΄] adj. like a vulva in form * * * See vulval. * * * …   Universalium

  • vulviform — [vul′və fôrm΄] adj. like a vulva in form …   English World dictionary

  • vulviform — adjective Having the shape of a vulva …   Wiktionary

  • vulviform — vul·vi·form …   English syllables

  • vulviform — ˈvəlvəˌfȯrm adjective Etymology: vulv + iform 1. : having an oval shape with a middle cleft and projecting lips 2. : suggesting a cleft with projecting edges used of plant forms …   Useful english dictionary

  • vulva — vulval, vulvar, adj. vulviform /vul veuh fawrm /, vulvate /vul vayt, vit/, adj. /vul veuh/, n., pl. vulvae / vee/, vulvas. Anat. the external female genitalia. [1540 50; < L] * * * …   Universalium

  • Shapes and Resemblance — This assortment of 370 adjectives all refer in some way to the form or shape of things. Some are more geometrically descriptive than others, while a number of terms refer to animal forms or shapes of obscure objects. Certain adjectives for shapes …   Phrontistery dictionary

  • vulva — /ˈvʌlvə/ (say vulvuh), /ˈvʊlvə / (say voolvuh) noun (plural vulvas or vulvae /ˈvʊlvi/ (say voolvee)) the external female genitalia, specifically, the two pairs of labia and the cleft between them. {Latin: wrapper} –vulval, vulvar, adjective… …   Australian English dictionary

  • vulva —   n. external portion of female reproductive organs.    ♦ vulval,    ♦ vulvar, a.    ♦ vulvate,    ♦ vulviform, a. shaped like vulva.    ♦ vulvitis, n. inflammation of vulva …   Dictionary of difficult words

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