producing a skeleton

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  • Skeletogenous — Skel e*tog e*nous, a. [Skeleton + genous.] Forming or producing parts of the skeleton. [1913 Webster] …   The Collaborative International Dictionary of English

  • skeletogenous — |skelə|täjənəs adjective Etymology: skelet + genous : forming skeletal tissue : osteogenic * * * skeletogenous / tojˈ/ adjective Skeleton forming • • • Main Entry: ↑skeleton …   Useful english dictionary

  • skeletogenous — skel·e·tog·e·nous .skel ə täj ə nəs adj forming skeletal tissue: OSTEOGENIC * * * skel·e·tog·e·nous (skel″ə tojґə nəs) producing skeletal or bony structures …   Medical dictionary

  • skeletogenous — skel·e·tog·e·nous …   English syllables

  • skeletogenous cell — osteoblast …   Medical dictionary

  • skeletogenous layer — sclerotogenous l …   Medical dictionary

  • agnathan — 1. adjective Belonging or pertaining to the superclass Agnatha, the jawless vertebrates. Haikouichthys is one of three species of jawless (or agnathan) fish to be found in the Early Cambrian period. 2. noun A member of the superclass Agnatha of… …   Wiktionary

  • σκελετογενής — ές, Ν ζωολ. (για εμβρυϊκή δομή ή εμβρυϊκό τμήμα) αυτός που αργότερα καθίσταται μέρος τού σκελετού. [ΕΤΥΜΟΛ. Αντιδάνεια λ., πρβλ. αγγλ. skeletogenous < σκελετός + γενής (< γένος)] …   Dictionary of Greek

  • Causation and Formation — These words refer to causation, formation, origination, production, growth, development or generation. While this might seem like a pretty broad category, all of the words in the list derive from the single Greek word genesis, which can have all… …   Phrontistery dictionary

  • skel|e|tog|e|nous — «skehl uh TOJ uh nuhs», adjective. producing a skeleton; giving rise to a skeleton; osteogenetic: »skeletogenous tissue …   Useful english dictionary

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