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  • Similative — Sim i*la*tive, a. Implying or indicating likeness or resemblance. [R.] [1913 Webster] In similative or instrumental relation to a pa. pple. [past participle], as almond leaved, scented, etc. New English Dict. [1913 Webster] …   The Collaborative International Dictionary of English

  • similative — sim·i·la·tive …   English syllables

  • similative — I. ˈsiməˌlād.iv, ləd. adjective Etymology: Latin similis similar + English ative : expressing similarity II. noun ( s) : something expressing similarity …   Useful english dictionary

  • congruous — I adjective accordant, acquiescent, adapted, agreeable, agreed, akin, analogical, analogous, applicable, apposite, appropriate, assenting, coexistent, coexisting, coincident, coinciding, combining, commendable, commensurate, compatible,… …   Law dictionary

  • conformative — indicating resemblance; similative Grammatical Cases …   Phrontistery dictionary

  • Grammatical Cases — For those of you who have never studied Latin, or German, or a host of other languages known as inflected languages, grammatical cases are noun and pronoun inflections which indicate the relationship of terms in a sentence to one another. In… …   Phrontistery dictionary

  • dissimilative — dis·similative …   English syllables

  • sim|i|la|tive — «SIHM uh lay tihv», adjective, noun. –adj. 1. expressing similarity. 2. Grammar. denoting the case which expresses similarity. –n. a similative word or expression …   Useful english dictionary

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