fear of hearing a certain word

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  • onomatophobia — Abnormal dread of certain words or names because of their supposed significance. [G. onoma, name, + phobos, fear] * * * on·o·mato·pho·bia (on″ə mat″ə foґbe ə) [Gr. onoma name + phobia] irrational fear of hearing a… …   Medical dictionary

  • Nomatophobia — Nomatophobia, or onomatophobia (Greek: onoma , name and φόβος, phobos , fear ) is a persistent, abnormal, and unwarranted fear of names or other words because of their meaning. [http://www.changethatsrightnow.com/problem detail.asp?SDID=511:1711… …   Wikipedia

  • Phobia — An unreasonable sort of fear that can cause avoidance and panic. Phobias are a relatively common type of anxiety disorder. For example, extreme fear of spiders is called arachnophobia, and fear of being outside is known as agoraphobia. Phobias… …   Medical dictionary

  • Phobias — This is a list that has been stewing on my hard drive for several years, defining 136 phobias, irrational or pathological fears of various things. The reason I ve resisted is that someone else has done a far more thorough job than I could ever do …   Phrontistery dictionary

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