eating of raw flesh as a ritual observance

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  • omophagy — noun The eating of raw meat. See Also: omophagia, omophagic, omophagous …   Wiktionary

  • omophagy — n. eating of raw meat …   English contemporary dictionary

  • omophagy — [ə(ʊ) mɒfədʒi] (also omophagia) noun the eating of raw food, especially raw meat. Derivatives omophagic adjective omophagous adjective Origin C18: from Gk ōmophagia, from ōmos raw + phagia …   English new terms dictionary

  • omophagy —   n. eating of raw flesh.    ♦ omophagic,    ♦ omophagous, a …   Dictionary of difficult words

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  • Omophagia — See raw foodism for the modern use of the term. Omophagia, or omophagy (from Greek ωμός raw ) is the eating of raw flesh. The term is of importance in the context of the cult worship of Dionysus. Marble image of a dancing Maenad;… …   Wikipedia

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  • chewing — Synonyms and related words: appetite, ass reaming, bawling out, cannibalism, carnivorism, carnivority, carnivorousness, chain smoke, consumption, cropping, cud chewing, cussing out, deglutition, devouring, devourment, dieting, dining, drag,… …   Moby Thesaurus

  • consumption — Synonyms and related words: Sanforizing, TB, ablation, active use, aerogenic tuberculosis, appetite, appliance, application, atrophy, attenuation, attrition, bloodbath, blue ruin, breakup, cannibalism, carnage, carnivorism, carnivority,… …   Moby Thesaurus

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