stone breaker; tool for breaking rocks

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  • Lithoclast — Lith o*clast (l[i^]th [ o]*kl[a^]st), n. [Litho + Gr. kla^n to break.] (Surg.) An instrument for crushing stones in the bladder. [1913 Webster] …   The Collaborative International Dictionary of English

  • lithoclast — SYN: lithotrite. [litho + G. klastos, broken] * * * litho·clast (lithґo klast) [litho + clast] lithotrite …   Medical dictionary

  • lithoclast — lithˈoclast noun (Gr klaein to crush) an instrument for crushing bladder stones • • • Main Entry: ↑lith …   Useful english dictionary

  • lithotrite — A mechanical instrument used to crush a urinary calculus in lithotripsy. SYN: lithoclast. [litho + L. tero, pp. tritus, to rub] * * * lith·o·trite lith ə .trīt n LITHOTRIPTER * * * …   Medical dictionary

  • Lithotripsy — Lith o*trip sy (l[i^]th [ o]*tr[i^]p s[y^]), n. [Litho + Gr. tri bein to rub, grind: cf. F. lithotripsie.] (Surg.) The operation of crushing a stone in the bladder or urethra to reduce it to particles small enough to be voided; lithotrity. It may …   The Collaborative International Dictionary of English

  • ureteroscope — An optical device passed in a retrograde fashion through the bladder up into the ureter to inspect the ureteral lumen and kidney collecting system. * * * ure·tero·scope yu̇ rēt ə rō .skōp n an endoscope for visually examining and passing… …   Medical dictionary

  • Stones and Rocks — All the words in this list incorporate the element lith , from the Greek lithos stone . Unfortunately, if you ve come looking for a list of different types of stone (a list that would easily run into the thousands) you should really consult a… …   Phrontistery dictionary

  • ureteroscope — n. a rigid or flexible instrument that can be passed into the ureter and up into the pelvis of the kidney. It is most commonly used to visualize a stone in the ureter and remove it safely under direct vision with a stone basket or forceps. Larger …   The new mediacal dictionary

  • lithoclase —   n. Geology, crack in rock.    ♦ lithoclast, n. stone breaker; stone breaking instrument …   Dictionary of difficult words

  • JACOBSON, LUDVIG LEVIN — (1783–1843), Danish physician, anatomist, and naturalist. He began his career as an assistant at the Academy of Surgery in Copenhagen and was a lecturer in chemistry at the Veterinary College. He began his studies in comparative anatomy and in… …   Encyclopedia of Judaism

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