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  • Retouch (lithics) — Retouch the work done to an edge of a flint implement in order to make it into a functional tool, or to reshape a used tool. In the case of a core tool, such as a hand axe, retouch may simply consist of roughly trimming the edge by striking with… …   Wikipedia

  • Sankarjang — (20°52’08“N; 84°59’19“E), Orissa, India, archaeological site near Angul with large splendid lithics. This cemetery and settlement site was test excavated excavated by the State Archaeology Orissa after a chance find made in 1971 by a shepherd. 20 …   Wikipedia

  • Calico Early Man Site — s). The general scientific consensus is that the stones are geofacts. [See Haynes, as one example. Published studies in peer reviewed journals consistently support the geofact explanation.] Artifacts or Geofacts?Up to 60,000 possible stone tools… …   Wikipedia

  • Ahrensburg culture — The Ahrensburg culture (11th to 10th millennia BC) was a late Upper Paleolithic culture during the Younger Dryas, the last spell of cold at the end of the Weichsel glaciation. The culture is named after village of Ahrensburg, 25 km northeast of… …   Wikipedia

  • Danielle Stordeur — is a French Archaeologist and Directeur de Recherche at the CNRS. She is also Director of the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs permanent mission to El Kowm Mureybet (Syria), replacing Jacques Cauvin in 1993 until 2010, when Frédéric Abbès is… …   Wikipedia

  • Natufian culture — The Stone Age This box: view · talk · edit ↑ before Homo (Pliocene) …   Wikipedia

  • Lithic reduction — The Levallois technique of flint knapping Lithic reduction involves the use of a hard hammer precursor, such as a hammerstone, a soft hammer fabricator (made of wood, bone or antler), or a wood or antler punch to detach lithic flakes from a lump… …   Wikipedia

  • Lithic flake — Flakes may be produced by a variety of means. Force may be introduced by direct percussion (striking the core with a percussor such as a rock or antler), indirect percussion (striking the core with an object, sometimes referred to as a punch,… …   Wikipedia

  • Stone tool — A stone tool is, in the most general sense, any tool made of stone. Although stone tool dependent cultures exist even today, most stone tools are associated with prehistoric societies that no longer exist.The study of stone tools is often called… …   Wikipedia

  • History of Mesoamerica (Paleo-Indian) — In the History of Mesoamerica, the stage known as the Paleo Indian period (or alternatively, the Lithic stage) is the era in the scheme of Mesoamerican chronology which begins with the very first indications of human habitation within the… …   Wikipedia

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