opposition to government; anarchy

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  • antarchy — (n.) opposition to government, 1650s, from ANTI (Cf. anti ) + Gk. arkhia (see ARCHY (Cf. archy)). Related: Antarchic …   Etymology dictionary

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  • SantaCon — SantaCon, short for Santa Convention, is a mass gathering of people dressed in their various interpretations of Santa Claus costumes (most, however, are traditional), and performing publicly on streets and in bars in cities around the world. The… …   Wikipedia

  • antarchism — (n.) opposition to all social government or control of individuals by law, 1845, from ANTARCHY (Cf. antarchy) + ISM (Cf. ism). Related: Antarchist …   Etymology dictionary

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  • antarchism — rare 0. (ˈæntəkɪz(ə)m) [mod. f. as antarchy + ism.] Opposition to government in general. (In mod. Dicts. So the two next.) …   Useful english dictionary

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