mild oath

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  • Gadzooks — Inc. is a mall oriented clothing retailer aimed at teenagers based in Carrollton, Texas. It was founded in 1983 as a T shirt business owned by two Texas businessmen, Jerry Szczepanski and Larry Titus. [ inc]… …   Wikipedia

  • Gadzooks — [gad zo͞oks′, gadzooks′] interj. [< God s hooks, nails of the Cross] Archaic used as a mild oath …   English World dictionary

  • gadzooks — 1690s, from some exclamation, possibly God s hooks (nails of the cross) or even God s hocks. Cf. godsookers (1670s). The use of Gad for God (Cf. EGAD (Cf. egad)) is first attested 1590s. Among other similar phraseological combinations (all from… …   Etymology dictionary

  • Gadzooks — Interjection showing surprise. Gadzooks! You really startled me …   Dictionary of american slang

  • gadzooks — amazing, holy Moses, wow    Bev had triplets! Gadzooks! How did that happen? …   English idioms

  • gadzooks — interjection Usage: often capitalized Etymology: perhaps from God s hooks, the nails of the Crucifixion Date: 1694 archaic used as a mild oath …   New Collegiate Dictionary

  • Gadzooks — /gad zoohks /, interj. Archaic. (used as a mild oath.) Also, Odzooks, Odzookers. [1645 55; perh. repr. God s hooks (i.e., the nails of Christ s Cross); cf. GAD] * * * …   Universalium

  • gadzooks — interjection /ɡædˈzuːks/ An expression of surprise, shock etc. Syn: blimey, cor, crikey, goodness me, goodness gracious, gosh …   Wiktionary

  • gadzooks — interj. (Archaic) exclamation that expresses surprise, exclamation used as a mild oath …   English contemporary dictionary

  • gadzooks — [gad zu:ks] exclamation archaic expressing surprise or annoyance. Origin C17: alt. of God s hooks, i.e. the nails by which Christ was fastened to the cross …   English new terms dictionary

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