worship of words

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  • epeolatry — /ep i olˈə tri/ noun Worship of words ORIGIN: Gr epos word, and latreiā worship …   Useful english dictionary

  • Epeolatry — Similar to idolatry and iconodulism, epeolatry literally means the worship of words. It derives from epos, which unlike logos more specifically means word in Greek, and was apparently coined in 1860 by Oliver Wendell Holmes, Sr. [ Holmes, Oliver… …   Wikipedia

  • epeolatry — noun The worship of words. Syn: logolatry See Also: idolatry …   Wiktionary

  • Idolatry — The Adoration of the Golden Calf by Nicolas Poussin. Idolatry is a pejorative term for the worship of an idol, a physical object such as a cult image, as a god,[1] or practices believed to verge on worship, such as giving undue honour and regard… …   Wikipedia

  • Etymology — Etymologies redirects here. For the encyclopedia, see Etymologiae. For the Elvish dictionary, see The Etymologies (Tolkien). Not to be confused with Entomology or Etiology. For help writing an etymology on Wikipedia, see Template:Etymology …   Wikipedia

  • Forms of Worship — This list of 60 words refers to forms of worship not specific religions or belief systems, but rather terms that denote a specific object of worship, be it saints, snakes or whatever. Related word lists you might want to check out are those for… …   Phrontistery dictionary

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