stone forming in the brain

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  • encephalolith — A concretion in the brain or one of its ventricles. SYN: cerebral calculus. [encephalo + G. lithos, stone] * * * en·ceph·a·lo·lith (en sefґə lo lith″) a brain calculus …   Medical dictionary

  • Calculus — A stone, as in the urinary tract. Also, the calcium salt deposits on the teeth. The word calculus in Latin means a pebble. Pebbles were once used for counting, from which came the mathematical field of calculus. A urinary calculus is a pebble in… …   Medical dictionary

  • Stones and Rocks — All the words in this list incorporate the element lith , from the Greek lithos stone . Unfortunately, if you ve come looking for a list of different types of stone (a list that would easily run into the thousands) you should really consult a… …   Phrontistery dictionary

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