study of excretion

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  • eccrinology — ˌekrə̇ˈnäləjē noun ( es) Etymology: French eccrinologie, from eccrino (from Greek ekkrinein to secrete, from ek out of, out + krinein to separate) + logie logy : a branch of physiology that deals with secretion and secretory organs * * * /ek reuh …   Useful english dictionary

  • eccrinology — /ek reuh nol euh jee/, n. the branch of physiology and anatomy dealing with secretions and the secretory glands. [ < Gk ekkrín(ein) to secrete (ek EC + krínein to separate) + O + LOGY] * * * …   Universalium

  • eccrinology — The branch of physiology and of anatomy concerned with the secretions and the secreting (exocrine) glands. [G. ekdrino, to secrete, + logos, study] * * * ec·cri·nol·o·gy .ek rə näl ə jē n, pl gies a branch of physiology that deals with secretion… …   Medical dictionary

  • eccrinology — n. study of secretions …   English contemporary dictionary

  • eccrinology — ec·cri·nol·o·gy …   English syllables

  • eccrinology — /ɛkrəˈnɒlədʒi/ (say ekruh noluhjee) noun the branch of physiology relating to secretions. {French eccrinologie} …   Australian English dictionary

  • eccrinology —   n. study of excretion and secretion.    ♦ eccritic, n. & a. purgative …   Dictionary of difficult words

  • List of sciences ending in -logy — The sciences in the following list have names formed with the suffix logy . Words ending in logy which are not sciences can be found in the list of non sciences ending in logy. A*Acarology, the study of ticks and mites *Actinobiology, the study… …   Wikipedia

  • Excretion — (Roget s Thesaurus) < N PARAG:Excretion >N GRP: N 1 Sgm: N 1 excretion excretion discharge emanation Sgm: N 1 exhalation exhalation exudation extrusion secretion effusion extravasation ecchymosis Sgm: N 1 evacuation …   English dictionary for students

  • eccrine — /ek rin, ruyn, reen/, adj. Physiol. 1. of or pertaining to certain sweat glands, distributed over the entire body, that secrete a type of sweat important for regulating body heat (distinguished from apocrine). 2. of or pertaining to secretions of …   Universalium

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