loop at corner of sail to which a line is attached

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  • Cringle — Crin gle (kr[i^][ng] g l), n. [Icel. kringla orb; akin to kring around, and to D. kring circle, and to E. cringe, crank.] 1. A withe for fastening a gate. [1913 Webster] 2. (Naut.) An iron or pope thimble or grommet worked into or attached to the …   The Collaborative International Dictionary of English

  • cringle — [kriŋ′gəl] n. [ME < ON kringla, circle, or MDu kringel, ring, both ult. < IE base * ger : see CRADLE] a small loop or ring of rope or metal on the edge of a sail, through which a line may be run for fastening the sail …   English World dictionary

  • Cringle — A cringle at the corner of a sail. A cringle is an eye through which to pass a rope. In nautical settings, the word refers to a small hole anywhere along the edge or in the corner of a sail, rimmed with stranded cordage and worked into the… …   Wikipedia

  • Cringle — This unusual name is one of a group which originally derived from the (then) popular Norse Viking personal name Rognvaldr . The earliest recordings in this form are pre 6th Century, the name translating as wise counsel , or similar, the exact… …   Surnames reference

  • cringle — /kring geuhl/, n. Naut. an eye or grommet formed on the boltrope of a sail to permit the attachment of lines. [1620 30; < LG kringel, equiv. to kring circle + el dim. suffix; c. ME Cringle (in place names), ON kringla circle] * * * …   Universalium

  • cringle — crin•gle [[t]ˈkrɪŋ gəl[/t]] n. naut. an eye or grommet on the boltrope of a sail to which a line is attached • Etymology: 1620–30; < LG kringel=kring circle + el dim. suffix; c. ME Cringle (in place names), ON kringla circle …   From formal English to slang

  • cringle — noun Etymology: Low German kringel, diminutive of kring ring Date: 1627 a loop or grommet at the corner of a sail to which a line is attached …   New Collegiate Dictionary

  • cringle — noun A short piece of rope, arranged as a grommet around a metal ring, used to attach tackle to a sail etc …   Wiktionary

  • cringle — Synonyms and related words: air hole, armhole, blowhole, boltrope, bullet hole, bunghole, canvas, clew, cloth, crowd of sail, deadeye, earing, eye, eyelet, foot, fore and aft sail, gasket, grommet, guide, head, keyhole, knothole, leech, loop,… …   Moby Thesaurus

  • cringle — n. eye or loop on a boltrope of a sail for attachment of lines …   English contemporary dictionary

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