the belief that identifies God with the cosmos

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  • Cosmotheism — Cos mo*the ism (k?z m? th? ?z m), n. [Gr. ko smos the world + ??? god.] Same as {Pantheism}. [R.] [1913 Webster] …   The Collaborative International Dictionary of English

  • Cosmotheism — is a term associated with beliefs adhered to by: Norman Lowell (Maltese Imperium Europa Party founder) Mordekhay Nesiyahu (Jewish Israeli and Labor Party theorist) William Luther Pierce (American White separatist) This disambiguation page lists… …   Wikipedia

  • Cosmotheism — the view that there is one or more gods or goddesses.[13] More specifically, it may also mean the belief in God, a god, or gods, who is/are actively involved in maintaining the Universe. A theist can also take the position that he does not have… …   Mini philosophy glossary

  • cosmotheism — noun Pantheism …   Wiktionary

  • Cosmotheism — synonym for pantheism (see theism, below) …   Mini philosophy glossary

  • cosmotheism — cos·mo·the·ism …   English syllables

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  • William Luther Pierce — Born September 11, 1933(1933 09 11) Atlanta, Georgia, U.S. Died July 23, 2002 …   Wikipedia

  • Mordekhay Nesiyahu — Mordekhay Nessiyahu (Hebrew: מרדכי נסיהו‎) is the founder of a little known Israeli subsect named Cosmotheism, and is affiliated with both the Israeli Labor Party and also extremist third temple groups. In Cosmotheism Israel, Zionism, Judaism and …   Wikipedia

  • Glossary of philosophical isms — This is a list of topics relating to philosophy that end in ism . compactTOC NOTOC A * Absolutism – the position that in a particular domain of thought, all statements in that domain are either absolutely true or absolutely false: none is true… …   Wikipedia

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