fabric made from silky hair of angora goats

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  • mohair — [ mɔɛr ] n. m. • 1860; mot angl.; ar. mukhayyar « choix », par attract. de l angl. hair « poil » → moire ♦ Poil de chèvre angora, long, droit, fin et soyeux, dont on fait des étoffes légères et des laines à tricoter. Pull en mohair. Adjt Laine… …   Encyclopédie Universelle

  • mohair — MOHAÍR, mohairuri, s.n. Păr de capră angora, folosit în industria textilă pentru stofe, covoare, fetru etc.; p. ext. postav sau stofă ţesută din lână amestecată cu păr de capră angora (sau cu fire de mătase). [pr.: ha ir] – Din fr. mohair. Trimis …   Dicționar Român

  • Mohair — Жанр инди рок Годы 2000 2007 Страна …   Википедия

  • Mohair — Sm Angorawolle per. Wortschatz fach. (19. Jh.) Entlehnung. Entlehnt aus ne. mohair, dieses aus arab. muḫaiyar Stoff aus Ziegenhaar . Eine ältere Entlehnung ist Macheier (< 16. Jh., mndd. 14. Jh.) ohne englisches Zwischenglied; auch Moor, Mohr… …   Etymologisches Wörterbuch der deutschen sprache

  • Mohair — (nach neuer deutscher Rechtschreibung auch Mohär geschrieben) werden die Haare der Angoraziege genannt. Diese Naturfaser ist die spezifisch leichteste Textilfaser. Der Ausdruck „Mohair“ entstammt der arabischen Sprache, in der er einen Stoff aus… …   Deutsch Wikipedia

  • Mohair — The hair obtained from the Angora goat, and is grown chiefly in Turkey, South Africa, the U.S.A. and Australia. It is lustrous white, fine, wavy and long. The length varies from 4 in. to 10 in. and spins from 28 s to 50 s quality. It has no… …   Dictionary of the English textile terms

  • mohair — (del inglés; pronunciamos moer ) sustantivo masculino 1. (no contable) Hilo elaborado con pelo de la cabra de Angora, o lana o tejido hechos con estos hilos: una bufanda de mohair. Celia tiene un echarpe de mohair precioso …   Diccionario Salamanca de la Lengua Española

  • Mohair —    Mohair is an animal fiber derived from the hair of the Angora goat, which originated in Turkey several thousands of years ago and today is also farmed in Texas and South Africa. Mohair fiber, which is a long and lustrous fiber, is much… …   Historical Dictionary of the Fashion Industry

  • mohair — (n.) 1610s, earlier mocayre, 1560s, fine hair of the Angora goat, also a fabric made from this, from M.Fr. mocayart (16c.), It. mocaiarro, both from Arabic mukhayyar cloth of goat hair, lit. selected, choice, from khayyara he chose. Spelling… …   Etymology dictionary

  • mohair — [mō′her΄] n. [altered (by assoc. with HAIR) < earlier mocayare < OIt mocajarro < Ar mukhayyar, fine cloth, lit., choice < pp. of khayyara, to select] 1. the long, silky hair of the Angora goat 2. yarn, or any of several fabrics for… …   English World dictionary

  • Mohair — Mo hair , n. [F. moire, perh. from Ar. mukhayyar a kind of coarse camelot or haircloth; but prob. fr. L. marmoreus of marble, resembling marble. Cf. {Moire}, {Marble}.] The long silky hair or wool of the Angora goat of Asia Minor; also, a fabric… …   The Collaborative International Dictionary of English

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