embroidered silk with gold and silver threads

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  • Kincob — Kin cob, n. India silk brocaded with flowers in silver or gold. a. Of the nature of kincob; brocaded. Thackeray. [1913 Webster] …   The Collaborative International Dictionary of English

  • Kincob — A very expensive and elaborately ornamented fabric, woven in India for artistic and ceremonial purposes. It is made from all silk yarns in all colours with gold and silver threads for extra ornament. There are up to seven warps used and many… …   Dictionary of the English textile terms

  • kincob — n. Indian tinsel silk fabric embroidered with gold or silver thread …   English contemporary dictionary

  • kincob — kin·cob …   English syllables

  • kincob — n. a rich Indian fabric embroidered with gold or silver. Etymology: Urdu f. Pers. kamkab f. kamka damask …   Useful english dictionary

  • List of English words of Persian origin — As Indo European languages, English and Persian have many words of common Proto Indo European origin, and many of these cognate words often have similar forms. Examples of these include: English (Mother) and Persian (Madar), English (Father) and… …   Wikipedia

  • Fabric and Cloth — This is a rather odd category, listing 269 names of kinds of fabric and cloth. There is an enormous variety in fabrics, with many different national, historical and regional varieties. It is interesting to note, however, that almost all of the… …   Phrontistery dictionary

  • Kimkhwa — Same as Kincob …   Dictionary of the English textile terms

  • Kinkhaub — The correct spelling of kincob …   Dictionary of the English textile terms

  • Mazchar — A silver brocaded silk fabric made at Benares, India. It is a variety of kincob. The name means ripples of silver in the vernacular …   Dictionary of the English textile terms

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